Personalized Nutrition Programing

Our team of nutritionists will design a food plan that you can use for life. No crash diets. No B.S. Just high quality tailored recommendations from professional Natural Nutrition experts.

Just 5 minutes could change your life!


Lifestyle nutrition for healthy weight

When your nutrition is on point, weight regulates itself. Diets that push the scale in one direction or the other often ignore true health, for a superficial instant gratification. Our programs give your body what it needs, and the rest follows, whether the scale moves up or down.


foods to combat health challenges and disease

What we put into our body is the number one variable in how we feel. 

Our consultation process gathers all of the info needed to identify what food derived health challenges you might not even know that your facing. 


a plan to follow for life

Our plans are assembled with you alone in mind, and come with a care package of informational resources that help you understand not just what to eat, but why?

After our initial recommendations, we provide a plan to incorporate permanent changes into your daily life!

Looking for an alternative to commercial diet plans and expensive nutrition counseling? Libra Health Nutrition Programs are 100% customized for you, providing you with all the value of a private nutritionist, without the huge expense and endless consultations.

By focusing on the medicinal value of foods, our nutritionists are able to prescribe a program that is design to combat your health issues. Unlike other programs, we don't just focus on calories and how much you should be eating, but dive into what you are eating today that is hurting you, and what you could be eating tomorrow to heal you.

Our nutrition programs include extensive meal plans, abundant information on making good food choices your body, and ongoing nutrition counseling to help you manage every hurtle as you navigate improvements in your eating. We all want to be healthy, and live a long and high quality life. Libra nutrition programs give you the resources you need to do it. Whether your goal is to get in shape, cure disease, or just eat mindfully, the Libra Health Nutrition Team is here to guide you through it.

Our consultation is a comprehensive digital form, and completed from the comfort of your home computer or smartphone. It's quick, but thorough, to maximize the value without interfering with your busy life. We use this data to establish a nutrition profile for you, and customize your program so that it meets your needs alone! Then in just a few days, you are provided with a complete nutrition plan that suits your life, and your goals! Our team is available to you as a permanent resource for guidance and support. 

Enrolling is easy, affordable, and the payoff lasts for life! Enroll in the Libra Health Personalized Lifestyle Nutrition Programming today!     

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